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Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

Homeowners insurance offers a vary large array of coverage from which to chose.  Keep in mind that not all insurance carriers offer all of the options (often called endorsements). That’s where we come in — Stratum Insurance Agency helps you find what you are seeking.

You may need extra coverage for:

  • jewelry and furs
  • gold. silver, and pewter
  • fine arts
  • golf cars
  • business equipment that you keep at home
  • home day-care
  • other home-based businesses

Specialty Homeowners Insurance

There are many situations where you may find it hard to find insurance. The home types listed below need an insurance company that will accept them.  If your home falls into one of these categories, click the button below:

  • Brush Area Homes
  • Modular Homes
  • Homes with Pebble Stoves
  • Homes with Wall Heaters
  • Homes with Solar Panels
  • Homes with a Geodesic Dome Shape
  • Older Homes